The World in Which We Live

Mideast violence flares
Embassy bombings
Israeli civilian guard was killed
Palestinians were injured in new fighting
Chemical Weapons

Jet lag causes brain shrinkage
American Airlines jet collapsed
flying fatigue
Jet lag causes brain shrinkage
flying fatigue
No Survivors

fertility clinics
drug possession
hook children on cigarettes
Medical marijuana
black man was killed
police officer was killed
Gun violence is down, only 650 dead

Woman files suit after false cancer diagnosis
cancer drug
breast cancer
prostate cancer
ovarian cancer
coping with cancer

campus of hate
school shooting
arsenic in playground wood
National Teacher Walkout Day
Judge halts prayer at graduation ceremony
governor vetoes gun education bill
School Shooter On Anti-Depression Meds

Mood Disorders
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Child abuse and neglect

Let’s Netflix and chill