The Bottom Layer (or lower world)

This is an overview of my explorations into the layers of our world that are perceived by the spirit sense. Journeys always begin in the central layer. This is what we can detect with our physical senses, the… Read More

Shadow of Childhood

There is a special place hidden within my memories. It is a shadow of childhood. Where Halloween Was costumes and candy, Christmas was magical, And Love Was a pure and unblemished vision. I ride through the misty streets… Read More

One foot here, one foot there: A message to those who are confused by it all

An urban shaman living in western civilization faces a unique set of challenges. First, unlike shamans who work in tribal cultures with a long standing tradition and a deep, respectful connection to their community and their society at… Read More

The Technoshaman

Just like the shamans of ancient tribal traditions, modern urban shamans may harness various physical objects as foci in their spiritual practice. These objects are called by different names. A fetish is an object inhabited by or used to channel… Read More

Memories of Avalon

The frogs speak to me in a secret language. They are whispering laments of unfulfilled destinies. Sad tales of fallen Knights filled with regret, unwilling to sleep. Blood lies deep beneath our feet, a silent testament to long… Read More