Urban Shamanic Healing Process

Note: Urban shamanism does not follow a specific indigenous tribal tradition. The methodologies of each urban shaman may vary. This post outlines one method. Although the details may differ, the overall concept of the shaman working with spirits to facilitate healing are common across all traditions and methods.

The process begins with the shaman being asked for help. The shaman never initiates healing based on their own wishes. Experiencing illness is just as much a right as being healthy.

The person asking the shaman for help should be a part of the shaman’s community (either in a physical community or an online one). This is a matter of practicality. The spirit contacts that a shaman works with should be able to easily locate the recipient’s spirit self. The people we interact with regularly will become familiar to our spirit allies. This allows us to work with people we have not physically met, however, complete strangers are unfamiliar to us and will likely not be familiar to the spirits we work with as well. There are billions and billions of spirits bound here and we come in contact with thousands of them daily. A quick IM or email from someone is not a strong connection and can be a lot more effort for the spirit to locate.

The shaman will ask the person what ailments trouble them and discern if the illness is likely something that originates from spirit. Not all ailments are the result of a fragmented spirit. If the person has physically injured their body, has a physical infection, or other body related illness, this is in the realm of physical healing. Some shamans are also adept with physical healing and may choose to address the healing directly through herbal remedies or other medical knowledge and skill.

If the shaman determines that spirit healing may be needed, they will consult with their spirit contacts. Some shamans have different spirits they work with depending on the nature of the ailment. The spirit will examine the recipient to see what type of damage the recipient’s spirit has. The physical experience is not trivial and bound spirits (us) can be fragmented out of the experience. The shaman’s helper will communicate the damage to the shaman, who can in turn, relate this knowledge to the recipient.

If the recipient desires to have their lost fragments restored, the shaman will work with their spirits to locate these and return them. These exist in the spirit realm, and are often near the person seeking healing, but not always. Sometimes the fragmentation is very old and it can take longer for the spirits to find them.

Typically this stage of the procedure will be two fold. On the spirit side, the shaman’s spirit allies do their work, and on this layer, the shaman helps prepare the recipient’s mind through ceremony. If everything is successful, the fragments will be re-absorbed. The time it takes for this to happen can vary, but the healing effects will usually become evident within the first 24 to 48 hours.

In some cases,  the shaman works with the recipient to help them avoid the trauma that caused the most serious fragmentation as well as make sure the mind does not resist the re-integration.

Meeting the Curtain

There is a sidewalk between worlds.
On one side there is emptiness
and on the other an infinite curtain.
It’s made of a thick, dark blue velvet
and casts a faint purple glow
that illuminates the rock path beside it.
The curtain is constantly moving
like the surface of a vertical ocean.
A small, elderly man rides a unicycle
along the sidewalk, wobbling somewhat,
as if he hasn’t quite mastered his balance.
He circles me carefully, looking up
and adjusting his slightly bent, wire-frame
spectacles that stubbornly slide back to
the tip of his nose the very next moment.
After three more orbits, he takes off,
holding one hand out and touching
the curtain, sending out waves like ripples
on the surface of a lake. I watch him disappear.
“When we touch it here”, he says, suddenly beside me,
“it changes what happens on the other side.”
I wonder to myself, “What’s over there?”
“We are,” he answers, as if my question
was directed toward him.
“Here and there are the same possibility,
but you can only look at one each moment.”
Peering down, the man spies a pebble on
the sidewalk and stoops over to pick it up.
He squints his eyes, trying to see me clearly
over his apparently useless eye-wear, and
throws the rock at the curtain with a splash.
The waves radiate out in a circle, back and forth.
My stomach begins to hurt as the disturbance grows
and causes my body to refract in the hazy
radiance of the curtain.
I throw up in the sink of my bathroom.

Ride it out

We are spirit entities that are (for lack of a better word) “inhabiting” the physical matter we observe and measure in our universe. We do this by choice in order to gain new knowledge through experiencing “life” in the material form.

Our experiences here and our spirit selves are not separate. For most, the mind is unaware, but we do have evidence of our motivation for being here.  It’s pretty much the mirror of our desire to “escape” our bodies and experience the universe beyond our physical senses. For most of us, we have the feeling that there’s some greater secret out there. Our spirit selves know more than our brain, and usually, the brain is kept in the dark. Why? It’s a distraction from the experience. It’s a challenge for the mind to be aware that it’s not the true self. For most, there isn’t an easy way to come to terms with this.  It will change how we experience everything else.

Our spirit selves are aware of everything we perceive with our brains and we will carry that knowledge with us forever. Our minds, however, are temporary and are primarily only aware of what the physicals senses relate to them. The knowledge of spirit cannot be easily integrated into the mind because it has no physical experiences to confirm the knowledge. The mind is the physical organ used to communicate experience in this world to the spirit, but it has a difficult time with the spirit communicating back to it.

This is the danger of the mind glimpsing the spirit world. It can be a world of illusionary experiences that our mind struggles to deny. The things we see do not come from our eyes. The things we touch are not felt with the skin. We move without the body. We walk. We swim. We fly. But the brain isn’t prepared to experience anything except what comes through our nervous system.

Sensing spirit is a labyrinth that sends us deep in search of understanding. We want…no need to comprehend. This exploration leads us answers that turn out to be dead ends years later. It all comes down to this: we either ride it out, or spiral into madness. We either become accustomed to both worlds, or we become lost between them.




A Trip to the Movie House

I like to use the metaphor of a movie house to explain my cosmology. In it, there are:

  • characters/scenery in the movie: what spirits inhabit and are “bound” to in order to gain a specific set of experiences.
  • spirits watching the movie: our true selves which we often choose to forget about while watching the movie. We are bound to the experience until the movie ends. This means that, while it’s possible to take our attention off the movie, we can only observe and communicate with others outside of the movie.
  • Other spirits: these are “unbound”, existing fully in their natural state. Unlike bound spirits, they have the ability to act freely.  Upon death, bound spirits return to being unbound, until such a time that they choose to watch another movie.

Imagine that you and I go to the movies together and sit next to each other. When the movie begins, the lights go down and our reality is what is on the screen. I forget about you sitting there next to me. I identify with the character on the screen. This is a very special movie, though. It’s just one continuous show. In it, everyone in the room identifies with a different character and sees the movie from that perspective. While the character they identify exists, they are bound to it. Once that character dies, they can leave (or stick around and wait for their friends or pick a new character to identify with).

But why bind yourself to a tree or a rock? The experiences are different, but no less valuable. A tree experiences the world in it’s own unique way. Perceiving the surroundings in ways we cannot understand. A rock’s experience is one that can potentially last billions of years. Spirits that choose this experience know this. Time from that perspective is very foreign to us as humans, but it has value.

Sometimes, some of us lose focus on the movie and look around the theater. Those people remember who they are and see the room full of other movie goes. Everyone in the room (it’s a really big movie theater) is a character in the movie, experiencing it, unaware that they are in the theater for the time being.

The movie on the screen is the “middle layer”. It is the illusion we are sharing. The theater room we are all seated in is the “lower layer”, it is where we see the true spirits of all the things in the movie.

If I get up and walk outside the theater, I will see countless people going about the various things they do. This is the “upper layer”. Filled with spirits who are not bound to the characters in the movie.

Even though I walk outside the theater, I’m still bound to my character in the film, and I know I need to go back to it because, after all, I chose to come see it and every moment I’m out here, I’m missing out on the movie back there.

As a shaman, I use my awareness of the worlds and entities outside of the screen to ask for guidance and help on behalf of those focused on the screen. For example: suppose your cellphone fell off your lap while you’re watching the movie (the focused you watching the move, not the character. Yes, I know spirits don’t have cellphones. It’s a metaphor, go with it) . You are really caught up in the story though, so you can’t pull yourself away from it. Instead, your character feels worried sick about something they can’t really put their finger on. The shaman can talk to others in the theater or even go get someone from the outside to come search for it for you and put it back into your lap. These things happen outside your movie persona’s ability to perceive, but it makes them/you feel better.

Thus the shaman works with spirit to fix and recover things for us in the spirit realms while we are too busy to be able to do it ourselves. They do this to help us stay focused on what we want to learn or enjoy.



Some questions about dark energy

Since before recorded history, shamans around the world have visited different layers of the universe. Many call these the upper, middle and lower worlds. Unfortunately, these worlds are not measurable with scientific equipment and cannot be independently verified through repeatable observation. Because of this, science must reject what cannot be tested.

But as our knowledge of the physics of the universe increases, scientists have discovered that, based on what we know, there is not enough matter in galaxies to hold them together. To make computer models work, there must be more gravity, and gravity is caused by the curvature of space due to mass. So there simply must be more mass in the universe than we can currently observe.

drkmtrAnother complexity is explaining why the universe’s expansion is accelerating. Again, scientists theorize there must be a currently undetectable energy in the universe that is causing this. Not just a little energy mind you, a lot.

Current estimates forecast that the universe is actually 68% dark energy, 27% dark matter and only around 5% “normal” matter. That’s quite a bit of mass and pure energy out there that we cannot see or measure.

Some questions:

Could there be other forms of life that consist entirely of dark matter/energy?

We know only about life as it is found on our planet with regular matter. It’s not an outlandish theory to consider that if this accounts for only 5% of the universe, life may exist within the other realms. We could be living side by side with dark energy based entities.

Could the “soul” or our life energy actually be dark energy?

If there are dark energy entities (spirits, angels, guides, etc.), perhaps we are also dark energy beings who are inhabiting this rare form of matter making up 5% of the universe. Scientists cannot quantify the soul. Yet so many of us, across all cultures throughout the entire history of humanity, have felt as if there is “more” to us than just our physical bodies.

Could the shaman’s journey be from an awareness of dark energy and matter?

Suppose we are dark energy beings inhabiting our bodies. Perhaps the shaman is someone who is able to perceive their native existence despite being focused on experiencing the universe of normal matter.

Richard Bach explained this concept in his book Illusions, when he suggested the real world as we observe it is not entirely who we are. It’s like when we go into a movie theater. We sit together in a room with dozens of other people, the lights go down and the movie plays on the screen. For a couple of hours, we forget who we are, and identify with the characters on the screen.

We feel fear, happiness, surprise…a full range of emotions. When the characters are in danger, we feel in danger. When good triumphs, we feel victorious. But occasionally, we may pull our focus away from the movie and remember that we are just sitting in a theater with a bunch of other people. We existed before the movie started and we will continue to exist after it ends.

Perhaps the shaman is simply able to see the theater despite the distraction of the movie.

Your thoughts?

So what do you think about these questions? We know life exists within the 5% of the universe we can see. Is it possible that life could also exist within the energy and matter that makes up 95% of the universe?

Leave a comment and share your ideas.