People who see me
See themselves
      or they don’t
      (see at all)
Vision is interpretation
       tainted by
         (or lack thereof)
  I am whatever I want
              to be
  Yet, I am whatever you
             (  too  )
          (ok I made that one up)
  So many
    Feel lost or think they are
     I  S  O  L  A  T  E  D

      from the world around them
      from the people
      from family
      from friends
            /visions of themselves
   Lowered /

      Too angry to be apathetic.
      Too apathetic to be angry

  Yet    we     go     on
      W      H     Y      ?

     Online Personas      
     You are what you type
     From your head to your hype

     If I don’t want to be me
     I can delete my character/
 ME FINE. (am I?)

     Look at me and SEE.
(What do you see? 
    I sorta need to know.)

 Isn’t that really what it’s about?
         Trying on new clothes?
      Change my hair color.
   Change the channel.
Break a mirror
            (or SE 7 EN)

 FIND something that resembles me.
  (not what I see, what I know)

 What do I know ? 
  Where do I look to find
   How do I know what I find isn’t
     a cheap knockoff brand
       sold on the corner of
         Fifth and Main?
       You are what you consume
        From your death to the womb
             (is that dyslexic?)

          (Hi-Def no doubt, HD ME)
      There I am
      That collection of receipts.
           My life.
 (Sorry sir,
   we have a 30 day return policy.)


Obligations to Self

An obligation is a strong duty. To every spirit, I have an obligation. To every person who comes to me in need, I have an obligation. To everyone I agree to help, I have an obligation. To myself…I have an obligation. While I have many obligations to all things, I want to focus at this moment on obligations to self:

  • It is my obligation to myself to enjoy my life and to learn about anything that interests me. 
  • It is my obligation to be true to myself and allow my thoughts and spirit to always remain free. 
  • It is my obligation to be steadfast when I want, to bend in the wind when I want, to be contrary when I want and to agree with everything I want. 
  • I am part of the planet, part of the spirit realm, part of the universe. I do not attempt to deny anyone the comforts they desire and this includes myself. My life as this person is short. To not live it to the fullest, to deny myself any experiences (some pleasurable, some sorrowful) is to squander a great gift. The world of physical perception is fleeting and it is my obligation to myself to live it without regret.

For me, my obligations are the tenets by which I live. They are all simple, common sense things really, like “do as little as I can to disturb nature when I hike and camp in the great forests”. They are always focused on being true to spirit as I know it. They are not always moral however.

I’m definitely not a new-age type guy. If something feels pretentious to me, I will discard it. If I think something is bullshit, I will call it like I see it. Later on, if I change my mind, I’ll do that, too. I’m carnal, primal and enjoy sensual pleasures without guilt. These are just examples of my own path.

A shaman doesn’t have to be all zen and emotionless. I’m not a spiritual guru sitting on the top of a mountain waiting for people to partake of my wisdom. Wisdom is a benefit of experience. Just experience as much as you can and you will have wisdom. Sometimes, we should be foolish, anyway. Learning by mistakes is a time honored tradition, too!

I can get angry, I can get sad, I can feel joy and rage and remorse. These are things I am here to experience. If I try and be “above all that” I’m simply denying myself the benefit of all that.

So, if you take only one thing from this, I hope it is that you choose to open yourself up fully to life’s experiences. This is, in my opinion, the most important obligation to ourselves we can make.