Meeting the Curtain

There is a sidewalk between worlds. On one side there is emptiness and on the other an infinite curtain. It’s made of a thick, dark blue velvet and casts a faint purple glow that illuminates the rock path… Read More

The Progression

Walking through the fetid subterranean pipe, the blood blows past me like some archaic wind, uninterrupted and unyielding, eroding everything that chances to pause too long. The drummers in the distance keep me on task. Steady. Two beats… Read More

Silent Rain

Staring out my window Watching the clouds Darkness slithers closer Searching for me Hungry for my pain I see the rain Against the glass But it makes no sound It calls me Beckons me to join Its peaceful… Read More

You can leave

Come into my home Express yourself I embrace creativity As long as You don’t say something I don’t like Or discuss something I don’t want You to discuss It is my home after all If you don’t like… Read More

Kite Tails of Madness

Tumble without effort Keep thinking you are beautiful Don’t let anyone tell you the truth Ignore them when they say You are not in control Laugh at them when they point out You can do nothing but follow… Read More