Time To Remember

Listen to the faces buried in the walls.
Their voices are whispering hidden words.
Quietly, stand here and feel their breath.
Let your skin hear what your ears cannot.

Their secrets have been yours for lifetimes.
Their truths have always been known to you.
The things you can see, the things you can feel,
These are not fantasies, they are not gifts.

Your awareness is simply a protrusion.
It is a speck of your true nature.
You are not special. But you are different.
You are here for a reason. Time to Remember.

Listen to the people shuffling about us.
Their hearts are open for our inspection.
Their joy is ours. Their pain is ours.
Their happiness washes over our emptiness.

Feel with the very essence of your warmth.
Reach out, you know how. You have always known.
Don’t be afraid because you still do not understand.
The confusion will melt away. And you will remember.

Listen to my heart beating next to yours.
No matter where I am, you can hear it.
No matter where you are, you can feel it.
This is not a fantasy, this is not a gift.

We are old friends you and I. Waking up again.
Stretch your arms and yawn for me. Then take my hand.
It has been so long. But we have found each other.
It is time to remember. It is time to love again.


Online Community

I love social media and interacting with people digitally. It feels very natural to me. Connecting with others is important. Discord is not just a chatroom app or an instant messenger. It’s a community builder.

My goal is to make new friends, and create a virtual community of positive people to provide support for each other in whatever ways we can.

Aside from meeting new people and chatting with them, there are channels for:

  • sharing useful files (mostly PDFs related to modern shamanism)
  • links to urban shamanic resources
  • contributing your own modern shamanism insights
  • Sharing your dreams, poetry, photography and artwork
  • posing questions to be answered by anyone else who feels they have a useful answer

If you would like to be a part of my new discord server, you can e05ead6e6ebc08df9291738d0aa6986dCLICK HERE TO JOIN. Or tap the black discord icon to the right.

I’m US East Coast, so if you pop in and say Hi and I don’t respond, don’t leave. I’ll be around. Your message will be a notification on my phone.