Some questions about dark energy

Since before recorded history, shamans around the world have visited different layers of the universe. Many call these the upper, middle and lower worlds. Unfortunately, these worlds are not measurable with scientific equipment and cannot be independently verified through repeatable observation. Because of this, science must reject what cannot be tested.

But as our knowledge of the physics of the universe increases, scientists have discovered that, based on what we know, there is not enough matter in galaxies to hold them together. To make computer models work, there must be more gravity, and gravity is caused by the curvature of space due to mass. So there simply must be more mass in the universe than we can currently observe.

drkmtrAnother complexity is explaining why the universe’s expansion is accelerating. Again, scientists theorize there must be a currently undetectable energy in the universe that is causing this. Not just a little energy mind you, a lot.

Current estimates forecast that the universe is actually 68% dark energy, 27% dark matter and only around 5% “normal” matter. That’s quite a bit of mass and pure energy out there that we cannot see or measure.

Some questions:

Could there be other forms of life that consist entirely of dark matter/energy?

We know only about life as it is found on our planet with regular matter. It’s not an outlandish theory to consider that if this accounts for only 5% of the universe, life may exist within the other realms. We could be living side by side with dark energy based entities.

Could the “soul” or our life energy actually be dark energy?

If there are dark energy entities (spirits, angels, guides, etc.), perhaps we are also dark energy beings who are inhabiting this rare form of matter making up 5% of the universe. Scientists cannot quantify the soul. Yet so many of us, across all cultures throughout the entire history of humanity, have felt as if there is “more” to us than just our physical bodies.

Could the shaman’s journey be from an awareness of dark energy and matter?

Suppose we are dark energy beings inhabiting our bodies. Perhaps the shaman is someone who is able to perceive their native existence despite being focused on experiencing the universe of normal matter.

Richard Bach explained this concept in his book Illusions, when he suggested the real world as we observe it is not entirely who we are. It’s like when we go into a movie theater. We sit together in a room with dozens of other people, the lights go down and the movie plays on the screen. For a couple of hours, we forget who we are, and identify with the characters on the screen.

We feel fear, happiness, surprise…a full range of emotions. When the characters are in danger, we feel in danger. When good triumphs, we feel victorious. But occasionally, we may pull our focus away from the movie and remember that we are just sitting in a theater with a bunch of other people. We existed before the movie started and we will continue to exist after it ends.

Perhaps the shaman is simply able to see the theater despite the distraction of the movie.

Your thoughts?

So what do you think about these questions? We know life exists within the 5% of the universe we can see. Is it possible that life could also exist within the energy and matter that makes up 95% of the universe?

Leave a comment and share your ideas.

Memories of Avalon

The frogs speak to me in a secret language.
They are whispering laments
of unfulfilled destinies.
Sad tales of fallen Knights filled with regret,
unwilling to sleep.
Blood lies deep beneath our feet,
a silent testament to long forgotten pain.
I hear the anguish of mothers,
their sons’ bodies pierced and trampled.
Come home my elder children.
Our hearts cry out even now.
Midnight mists
pour across ancient battlefields,
the last breaths of a thousand chests.
The still, fetid air their only lasting artifact.
Sing to me now your solemn march.
Voices forever quenched, longing to be heard.
Rest. Rest now and take your peace.
The darkness will embrace you.
This is your home.
The frogs speak to me in a secret language.
I pause for a moment
and I listen.
They speak of torment
and I listen.
They recall suffering
and I remember.