Shamanic Retreat


One of my goals is to build a small retreat at my farm located in the mountains of Western North Carolina. It will be a place for people to come set up camp and enjoy a remote, nature setting. We are far removed from the noise and light pollution of the city. The night sky is beautiful. Current features:

  • We have a cleared hill that is perfect for laying on your back and feeling connected with everything as you stare up at the galaxy.
  • We have a greenhouse ideal for learning to grow your own sustainable food.
  • We have a bonfire site where we can host night time dancing and singing.
  • We have a large stretch that will easily support twenty campsites.

Planned features:

  • We are going to build a shower house and bathroom (we already have electric and a septic system for the greenhouse)
  • We are going to improve the campsites to make it easier for a single vehicle per camp.
  • We are going to create a meditation grove

Additionally I want to:

  • Provide workshops on how to live a more centered life and feel more in touch with yourself and your environment. This will include practical exercises you can develop into positive habits.
  • Take group hiking excursions to beautiful waterfalls in the area and other trails along the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  • Build our own tribe that embraces a more simple, open and loving lifestyle.
  • Gather people who want to bring healing to the local community by volunteering and reaching out to those who we can help in whatever way we can.

If you want to help financially with this vision, use the donate button below. If you want to help out in any other way or just have questions, use the contact page.

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