Urban Shaman

Someone who perceives what they interpret to be realities external to the physical senses and communicates with the life/entities they encounter there in order to provide insight, guidance and healing to others. The urban shaman typically arises from developed western society and does not affiliate with any particular tribal shamanistic traditions.

Subsets of urban shamans include:

The techno shaman. This urban shaman heavily incorporates modern technology into their practice. They may use electronic drums, pulsing lights, or other stimuli to enter trance. They may adorn themselves with re-purposed or found tech, using it as talismans, fetishes and totems. They will work with people both in person and remotely online.

The digital shaman. This urban shaman works almost exclusively in the online world. They connect in virtual communities through chat channels, instant messaging and message boards. Their spiritual accessories are devices such as laptops, tablets and cellphones. They gravitate toward apps and websites for their tools and sacred spaces.


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