What is Intent?

Intent is the willful focus of attention upon a specific purpose or direction. Intent is what we carry with us on our journey between worlds. It’s a beacon, a reminder, a guide to keep us on point.

In shamanic practice, intent is an essential part of your work. If you approach a task with curiosity or just a strong interest, it’s likely that you’ll get lost in distractions if you go anywhere at all. Before you begin, you must have a clear understanding of what it is you wish to accomplish.

If you’re seeking answers, have a specific question. Don’t just have the words in your head. Make it a strong desire to find the exact answer to the question. If you’re going ask for help from your guide or other spirit, know exactly what it is you want them to do.

Unless you spend a lot of time tuned into the spirit layer, your brain is going to be struggling to make sense of what it’s seeing, hearing, feeling, etc. That means your normal analytical thoughts, your logical mind, may take a back seat because it simply hasn’t come to terms with the spirit sense and has nothing to offer.

So you will likely rely on the more primal areas of your mind to keep your goal in front of you. The primal mind is driven by desire. Intent is how you “load your mission” into this part of your mind.

Intent is a practiced skill. In order to better prepare yourself for journeys, you should exercise purposed intent more regularly in your life. Consider actions before taking them. Visualize what you want to accomplish before beginning the process of making it happen.

For example, if you are hungry you may typically go to the fridge, open it up and look at what is there. You are unsure of what you want to eat, you only have the vague feeling that you are hungry. Instead, make that decision before going. Do you want to make a sandwich? Do you want some fruit? Perhaps a bowl of chicken soup? Make all the decisions first, then go to it. Your intent is set and you do not have to rely on any other choices to make that happen.

In the spirit world, making choices on the fly may not be as easy as they are in the familiar world. Intent is the solution.

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