Ride it out

We are spirit entities that are (for lack of a better word) “inhabiting” the physical matter we observe and measure in our universe. We do this by choice in order to gain new knowledge through experiencing “life” in the material form.

Our experiences here and our spirit selves are not separate. For most, the mind is unaware, but we do have evidence of our motivation for being here.  It’s pretty much the mirror of our desire to “escape” our bodies and experience the universe beyond our physical senses. For most of us, we have the feeling that there’s some greater secret out there. Our spirit selves know more than our brain, and usually, the brain is kept in the dark. Why? It’s a distraction from the experience. It’s a challenge for the mind to be aware that it’s not the true self. For most, there isn’t an easy way to come to terms with this.  It will change how we experience everything else.

Our spirit selves are aware of everything we perceive with our brains and we will carry that knowledge with us forever. Our minds, however, are temporary and are primarily only aware of what the physicals senses relate to them. The knowledge of spirit cannot be easily integrated into the mind because it has no physical experiences to confirm the knowledge. The mind is the physical organ used to communicate experience in this world to the spirit, but it has a difficult time with the spirit communicating back to it.

This is the danger of the mind glimpsing the spirit world. It can be a world of illusionary experiences that our mind struggles to deny. The things we see do not come from our eyes. The things we touch are not felt with the skin. We move without the body. We walk. We swim. We fly. But the brain isn’t prepared to experience anything except what comes through our nervous system.

Sensing spirit is a labyrinth that sends us deep in search of understanding. We want…no need to comprehend. This exploration leads us answers that turn out to be dead ends years later. It all comes down to this: we either ride it out, or spiral into madness. We either become accustomed to both worlds, or we become lost between them.




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Digital shaman / teacher / guide / healer

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