Updating our self-code

From a technoshaman’s perspective, we are all part of the source code. We are akin to a self-programming AI. We are powerful and adaptive. We literally have the ability to rewrite our core-self at our free discretion.

But the majority of us simply do not. For example: as a child, someone experiences a trauma. They revise their code to see the world as a dangerous place. But years later, they have grown up and the world isn’t as dangerous to them as it was when they were young. But they never update themselves and continue to live with an unnecessary restriction of still being afraid of the big and dangerous world.

This isn’t uncommon at all. Here is a familiar example:

A person of {Gender A} has a serious negative experience with an individual who is {Gender B}. The person makes an emergency self-patch and now mistrusts the next {Gender B} to some degree because of sloppy coding. Instead of just fixing the issue with the one individual, the person makes a sweeping nerf to all {Gender B}. You could also substitute gender with race or some other attribute such as nationality or even political affiliation.

We must evaluate our self-code daily. Anytime we have an unsatisfactory interaction or we are unhappy with ourselves or our situation, this is an internal bug report and should be addressed. Neglecting our own revisions, patches and updates can leave us with errors and crashes.

What didn’t work? What could have made the outcome different? What do I not like about my situation? What can I do to change it? To change yourself, you need more than a general wish to change. You need specific goals.

  • I want to weigh this much. NOT I want to lose weight.
  • I want to stop this bad habit. NOT I want to get healthier.
  • I want to react in this way to this situation. NOT I want to react differently when I’m angry.

Nobody makes us feel any way. We are responsible for the choices we make. We cannot control everything that we experience, but we can absolutely control our choices and actions in response to those experiences.

How we revise ourselves is how we define ourselves.

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