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10runeI’ve been casting runes since the late eighties. I have experience with multiple forms of divination but I really connected with the runes. I use the Elder Futhark runes and do a wide range of layouts in person, but online I offer a five-rune cross and a ten-rune Celtic Cross layout.

When doing a reading, I prepare my space with personal talismans and other items to help me clear my mind and be receptive to the message. I will then focus on the question being asked as I shake the rune bag.

The rune cloth I have before me has a line down the center. I will pick the runes that are face up, starting with those closest to the line and closest to me. Each one, in turn, gets placed into its position in the reading layout.

If I do not have enough runes face up, I will take all of the remaining runes and cast again, following the same selection process until I have the required number of runes.

Typical questions are about relationships, money or health. But I do not restrict questions. You can ask anything. The readings are meant to help you see things with an outside perspective, but I will not tell you exactly what you should or should not do. We must all make our own choices. I only help you to see possibilities.

If you would like to purchase a reading, visit the Runecasting Services page.

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