Point of view

I am an urban shaman.

Across traditions and cultures shamanism at its core typically has these traits in common: communication with spirits, being aware of alternate “worlds”, facilitating spiritual healing to help with physical illness.

Urban shamans, like their global counterparts, have become attuned to the universe in new ways that alters their perceptions. Their methods are the result of how they came to terms with their additional awareness.

Shamans throughout history have gone through a similar process. Their traditions were developed based on their specific cultures and knowledge. Often, this included a tribal aspect which allowed each new shaman to benefit from having an experienced guide to help them learn. Modern societies are diverse and much more fragmented, which is unfortunate for those whose eyes must see things that simply don’t fit into our physical understanding of the world.

Urban shamans usually lack tribal mentors to give us guidance. Instead, we rely heavily upon learning from the entities we build relationships with. Some shamans strike a balance between understanding and madness. Some, sadly, do not.

On this site, I share my personal shamanic insights and perceptions. I do not claim to understand anything from any perspective other than my own. I’m not a perfect person. I’m constantly learning and evolving. My practice, in like manner, does too.

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Digital shaman / teacher / guide / healer

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